Sailor SC4000 Iridium

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Sailor SC4000 IridiumPrice on Application - Call Us On 0845 543 8413

The SC4000 is well suited for all types of vessels from fishing boats to yachts and cruise liners. The system is also compatible with SSAS (Ship Security Alert System). TheSC4000 is compact and allows up to four handsets to operate.

Provide crew and passengers with their own calling plans or scratchcards so they can keep control of their own spend without the need for you to provide time consuming and expensive administration and individual billing –effectively allowing you to provide an on-board telephone box – users can, if desired, use their own sim cards.

As standard the SC4000 provides bandwith of 2.4kbp/s, this can be effectively increased to 10kbp/s by utilising Iridium's 10 kbps compressed data service.

PowerRequirements DC 10 - 32 V AC(Optional)
100 - 230 V (External adaptor)
Consumption 25 W during communication
8 W Stand-by

Handset 600 omega/4 wire RS485
Telephone/PABX 600 omega/2 wire
Data RS232Position information NMEA 0183

Space Segment 

Satellites66 (plus 6 in-Orbit back-up satellites)
Orbital planes 6
Orbital height 780 kilometres
Inclination of the orbital planes 86.4 degrees
Orbital period 100 minutes, 28 seconds
Spot beams 48 per satellite

Frequencyrange 1616 - 1626.5 MHz (L-Band)
Voice/Data rate 2.4 kbps QPSK


Helical,omni-directional 210" (3 dB beam width)
Fibreglass radome ( 96 mm Link margin 16 dB)

Environmental Conditions 

TemperatureEME -35°C to +55°C
Rel. humidity Up to 95% at 40°C
Icing (survival only) Up to 25 mm of ice
Precipitation Up to 100 mm/hour
Wind (velocity) Up to 100 knots
Vibration IME: 2 - 50 Hz @ 1 g
EME: 4 - 33 Hz @ 1 g

Antenna Tracking Capability 

Turn Omni-directional antenna
Roll/pitch Up to +/- 20 from horizontal position
Yaw Elevation > 8°

Weather resistant Easy to use
Vibration resistant 100 entry phonebook
Built-in loud speaker Conference calls
Low power consumption CrewCalling
Small, lightweight antenna CallLog

This product includes:

  • Antenna AD5110
  • The transceiver ST4120
  • Intelligent handset SC4150 (a handset and control unit in one)
  • Installation manual
  • Operation manual