Rent an Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

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The Iridium 9555 is available to hire at short notice. 

The Iridium 9555

Iridium 9555 - Voice & Data Rentals

A modern satellite phone suitable for sending and receiving e-mails and text messages as well as phone calls from anywhere in the world!

Option 1 - Value Plan :-

        • $120.00 / month
        • Airtime $1.65 / minute
        • minimum rental 30 days
        • minimum usage 60 minutes / month*.
          • Total minimum cost for 1 month $219.00 + VAT (includes 60 minutes of calls)

          Option 2 - Daily :-
        • $7.00 Rental Per Day ( Min 10 Days)
        • Call Charges $1.85 per min *

          Option 3 - Long term :-
        • $90.00 / month Subject to airtime agreement with a monthly fee $49.95**
Deposit Required £700 (taken via credit/debit card and refunded at the end of the hire period)


We display the $ price simply because most Iridium transactions are completed in this currency. VAT is charged on rentals.

The exchange rate is always fluctuating and therefore in order to get the best prices from G Comm we calculate at the current exchange rate. We have offices in both the UK and USA and are therefore able to dispatch from either location.

How to Rent your Iridium SatPhone

To order your Rental Satellite Phone either call us on 01473 327813 or simply download and print out this rental form complete the form accordingly and then either Fax the form back to us on +44 (0)1502 588463 or scan/photograph the form and email it to us at sales at (please replace at with @ - please note if you are calling you will be asked to complete and return this form as well).

Features & Benefits of Renting Satellite Phones from G Comm
  • Same day dispatch from UK or US
  • Additional Accessory Options available
  • Country taxes apply to above
  • One phone, one number (anywhere in the world)
  • Lightweight handheld unit
  • Unique email service
  • Free incoming calls
  • Any time Global Customer Service

* For calls to any landline or mobile, calls to Iridium $0.83/minute, calls to other satellite networks please ask.
** Subject to 6 month minimum rental. Calls charged as per airtime agreement chosen e.g. to landline and mobile $1.25/minute see here for airtime charges.