Post Pay Airtime Credit for Iridium Satellite Phones

How does Post Paid Airtime Credit work on a Satellite Phone?
Purchase your phone and you can choose to pay for your calls monthly in arrears, just like a line rental plan. Options include 10 included minutes up to 250 included minutes per month. You are now not limited to taking a twelve month contract - you can now take a post-paid contact on a month to month basis if you want (the Bundled Starter 25 plan),other contracts are offered on a minimum 3 or 6 month term.
Please note there is a monthly fee for this service as well as the charge per usage as follows.
Contract Information
A simple post paid account paid monthly by Credit Card subject to status. Please click here to download the post-pay contract.

You should be able to complete the PDF without having to print it out. You can then "Save As" the document and email it to us at

Note: If you want to complete this on your PC/device please download the file and open with a PDF reader. You will need to "Save As" to save your input, this can't be done if viewing the document in a web browser.

If, for whatever reason you cannot complete the form on your device please print the form out, complete and then scan/photograph the form and email it to us at (please note if you are calling you will be asked to complete and return this form as well).

All prices shown exclude VAT which will be added to your final bill.

Tariff Plan 

Monthly Rate

Calls overage / min

SMS outbound / each

Plan Term

Basic Seasonal 10




3 months*

Bundled Starter 25 




1 month**

Bundled Advanced 100




6 months*

Bundled Power 250




6 months*


Other call charges:

Iridium to Iridium Calls $1.15/min
Iridium to other satellite systems $13.50 per minute

*This account will renew automatically after the 3/6 months are up, unless changed by the user. 
**This account will renew automatically after the month is up, unless changed by the user. 

Reactivation off any of these plans would require a new SIM card with a new phone number. 

Activation of Airtime
You can activate your airtime at anytime (during UK business hours) you require. All you need to do is call or email us to advise when you want the airtime activated and we will do the rest. As the airtime is activated in the US activation tends to take place from around 2.00pm GMT . 

For full terms and conditions please download the airtime contract by clicking here