Iridium Go! Airtime Prices.

Postpaid Pricing Bundles

We have four standard 3 month plans and 1 month to month plan for you to choose from:

Go! ™ 5 – Monthly Charge $69.50 – includes 5 data minutes
Go! ™ 75 – Monthly Charge $97.50 – includes 75 data minutes or 75 call minutes per month
Go! ™ 150 – Monthly Charge $127.50 – includes 150 data minutes or 150 call minutes per month & unlimited SMS
Go! ™ UNL – Monthly Charge $165.00 – includes Unlimited data minutes and 150 call minutes per month

Additional Charges:
When you have used up your monthly limit of data &/or call minutes you will be charged in arrears at the rates indicated below.: 

Tariff Plan  Monthly Rate  Calls Overage SMS   Plan Term 
GO 5 $69.50 $1.35 $.25 3 months*
GO 75  $97.50 $1.35  $.10  1 months**
GO 150  $127.50 $1.35  Unlimited  6 months*
GO Unlimited  $165.00 $1.35  Unlimited  6 months*

*This account will renew automatically after the 3/6 months are up, unless cancelled by the user. Reactivation on this plan would require a new SIM card with a new phone number. 

**This account will renew automatically each month until cancelled by the user. Reactivation on this plan would require a new SIM card with a new phone number.

Iridium to PSTN minutes: $1.35 per minute
Iridium to Direct Internet: $1.35 per minute
SIM Cards $15.00

Iridium GO!™ Postpaid Service Pricing Terms and Conditions

  • ISU - DI GO! Data call type pricing specific to Iridium GO! Access Number only
  • Plans offered are hardware restricted via IMEI-range; use of Iridium GO! plans on non-Iridium GO! devices are charged at standard rates.
  • Unlimited plan offered as a limited time priced offering with 150 minutes included call time; GComm reserves the right to modify or delete plans as necessary.

We will require the completion of this contract or any of the above Postpaid deals.

Iridium Fair Use policy:

Iridium GO! devices are prohibited from enabling an always-on connection with the Iridium network that could negatively affect the available bandwidth for other Iridium subscribers. Iridium reserves the right to actively monitor usage statistics and take proactive measures to regulate and if necessary terminate access to the Iridium network to ensure high quality network performance for all users on an ongoing basis. Iridium reserves the right to make a determination in its sole discretion that a particular device/subscriber is violating this Fair Use Policy and take responsive actions with or without notice including but not limited to the immediate suspension or termination of all or any portion of the service to the device/subscriber as well as other legal and technical actions. Neither Iridium nor its agents (such as G-Comm) will have any liability for any of these responsive actions.

Prepaid Pricing Bundles

We have two standard plans for you to choose from:

Call Type Seasonal Plan Annual Plan
Minute ISU-Data 400 1000
Expiry 6 months 12 months
Price £565.00 + VAT £909.00 + VAT
Unit Denominations 12,000



Call Type Per Minute Units Charged
ISU-PSTN (Voice and Data) 60 units
ISU-ISU Voice 30 units
ISU-Other Sat 540 Units
ISU – ISU Data 30 units
ISU – Direct Internet or Dial-Up 30 units
2-Stage 60 units
VM Retrieval 30 units
SMS MO (per message) 10 units

GO Minutes can be rolled over with the addition of a 30 day voucher (£62.00 + VAT per 30 days), or addition of another plan. The original minutes have a maximum of 2 years validity, when rolled over.

Iridium GO!™ Prepaid Terms and Conditions


  • Data rates for prepaid provide 2x voice minutes
  • Iridium GO!™ prepaid vouchers may be used for account creation and recharging only
  • Existing prepaid balances may not be transferred to an Iridium GO!™ prepaid account.
  • Seasonal Plan and Annual Plan offerings may be combined up to a maximum account expiry of 24 months.


ISU - Iridium Subscriber Unit. The handset used for voice communications on the Iridium network.
MO - Mobile Originated. Term used to describe calls that are originated from the ISU.
MT - Mobile Terminated. Term used to describe calls that terminate to an ISU.
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network. The public, land-based telephone network (including the (non-satellite) mobile network.

Activation of Airtime

You can activate your airtime at anytime (during UK business hours) you require. All you need to do is call or email us to advise when you want the airtime activated and we will do the rest. It typically takes us around 10 minutes to activate the airtime.