Iridium Extreme Deluxe Integrated Comms Package

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Iridium Extreme Deluxe Integrated Comms Package
The ideal solution for anyone who wants to purchase an Iridium Extreme satellite phone and integrate that into the rest of your communications equipment including Plug and Play integration for Wifi, Satellite, 3G and NMEA device integration.

Airtime Note


All standard pre-paid plans operate in the following way: The minutes purchased are available for use up to the end of the expiry. If a further standard plan is purchased the expiry duration and minutes are added to that of the original purchase. i.e No minutes are lost provided another plan is added prior to the expiry.

Plans marked * are non-standard plans - Topping up with this voucher will cause all existing minutes and expiration period to be lost. Once a SIM is activated/ topped up with a non-rechargeable voucher it can't be topped up again without losing any existing minutes and expiration period.

Please note that when you order a satellite phone with a Post Paid Sim Card we will forward a contract for completion to obtain your air time.


The Iridium Extreme Deluxe Integrated Comms Package comprises of: 
  • Iridium Extreme 9575 Handset, 
  • Passive (above decks) Antenna, 
  • 10 mtr's Cable (15mtr's Available)
  • Redbox
  • Wifi Bat
  • 6 months subscription to Teleport-It - the weather and email service.

If you wish to use your Iridium satellite phone in Russia please see our blog post here.