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Select the number of months you require: 11 months


Simply select the number of months coverage you require and purchase accordingly. You will be asked to provide the name of your Boat as part of the order process. If you are using this on land please simply state "On Land". Should you need to extend your coverage you can do so at anytime. 

Please note, if you have previously purchased SeaMail for your boat (or on land) you will be charged a reactivation fee of £20.00 (inc of VAT) to reactivate your account.

We will not activate your SeaMail until you request us to - so you can order in advance and activate at a later date.

Please note this is not suitable for Mac computers. You need Windows 7 and above to use this system.

 Why use SeaMail?

SeaMail Features SeaMail Benefits
Single email address In having a single email address for each vessel SeaMail provides a simple, cost effective, communication solution for smaller vessels.
Simple mail management SeaMail has been developed to ensure that the system is simple to use, allowing you to easily read, forward and reply to emails as well as manage attachments and filing ensuring that valuable time is not taken up with email management.
Shoreside management The shoreside dashboard allows you to set up rules and manage emails to help control costs and restrict unnecessary emails from getting through.
Designed & optimised for use over satellite In being specifically designed for use over satellite, SeaMail deals with high latency circuits and multiple connection management making communications efficient and cost effective.
Restart from point of interruption When the connection is lost mid transmission, SeaMail will start again from where it left off rather than going back to the beginning, saving you airtime costs, particularly in heavy weather or high latitudes.
Simple install In offering a simple installation solution SeaMail does not require a lengthy and complicated set up process. This allows you to begin accessing your emails straight away saving you time and resource.
Encrypted and secure Our systems have multiple virus scanners and spam filters to ensure the mail received is safe and relevant to you.
SeaMail ensures that all communications are sent in an encrypted and secure manner, ensuring that your data is safe and that you comply with data protection legislation.
Maximum efficiency over
expensive circuits
SeaMail automatically compresses the messages before connection in both directions. Files can be compressed up to as much as 80% thereby saving directly on airtime costs.
Full duplex transmission allows you to receive the same amount of data from ashore at the same time as sending data. This reduces the time online.
Use with multiple
Having been developed for use over multiple connections, SeaMail is compatible with VSAT, Ka, Ku band circuits, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, GSM and Wifi.
Our ability to operate independently of airtime providers allows you to use SeaMail with your choice of maritime airtime provider
Works offline Work offline and only connect for the time you need to send and receive data, saving on airtime costs.

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