How do I make calls to and from the Iridium system?

1 Oct 2014
Satellite phones can be located anywhere in the world - and your caller doesn't necessarily know where you are when they call you - so what International dialling codes do you need to call a satellite phone?

1) Originating a call from a landline phone in the United States terminating to an Iridium satellite phone.

It does not matter where the satellite phone is located, the dialling is the same:


From the landline phone, dial: 011 8816 XXX XXXXX 

Where 011 is the International Direct Dial (IDD) access code for United States

8816 XXX XXXXX, is the Iridium Satellite phone telephone number.


So, to dial an Iridium Satellite Phone from  a landline phone in the UK you would dial 00 8816 XXX XXXXX


2) Originating a call from the Iridium satellite phone to a landline phone located in the United States. 

Again, it does not matter where the satellite phone is located.


From the satellite phone, dial: 00 1 602-752-XXXX 

00, for all outbound calls from the satellite phone/ 1, United States country code/ 602, area code/752-XXXX, actual phone number. 


So to call a landline phone - for example G-Comm's telephone number - from your Iriidium Satellite phone you would dial 

00 44 845 543 8413

Where 00 for all outbound calls from the satellite phone,  44, UK country code/ 845 543 8413 actual phone number without the 0