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Choose your option:: Wi-Fi Bat with 25m cable


Have you been stuck in a marina or caravan park trying to grab the weak and intermittent wi-fi signal that everyone is trying to latch on to?...well, here's the solution.

The Wifi Bat is a high power, long range, easy to use outdoor grade WiFi antenna. It is designed to improve your current WiFi signal and pick up more WiFi signals from much further afield.

The Wifi Bat is a powerful WiFi booster, and will make picking up WiFi a quick and easy experience. It is marine grade, and is designed for a permanent outdoor mounting so can be used on your sailing yacht, power boat, motorhome, caravan or RV. For anyone struggling to pick a reliable long range WiFi signal from a remote location or otherwise, the Wifi Bat is the ultimate long range wifi solution. With customers achieving up to 10 miles range, you can pick up WiFi from long distances! The Wifi Bat should be installed nice and high (line of sight is key) to get the best out of it and it comes with a 12m cable as standard. 12m extensions can be purchased as well

Wifi Bat is supplied with fully integrated and marine grade antenna with WiFi booster, integrated USB cable, 2 x U-Bolt brackets for mounting, 2 x cable ties, software installation CD. (more information)


Using the Wifi Bat is very straightforward, simply install the software from the supplied CD, then plug in your Wifi Bat to your USB port and you're ready to go! If you have the Red Box, you don't even need the software! You will see a window pop up with the WiFi signals found and the wifi signal strength indicated for each connection. Simply double click on the wifi hotspot you wish to connect to.



  • Incredibly Powerful: 2W long range WiFi adaptor
  • Even Longer Range: 8dB highly sensitive wifi antenna
  • Waterproof: For permanent outdoor marine / RV mounting
  • Smart, Compact Design Comes with a choice of antenna mounting options
  • Stronger Signal: For faster web browsing
  • Easy Installation: Single 12m USB cable
  • Plug and Play: Quick and easy USB installation


  • Range: Up to 10 miles wifi range in optimal conditions
  • Dimensions: 590 x 50 x 50mm (excl. cable) 
  • Mounting Option: U-Bolt Bracket or Cable Ties
  • Cable Length: 12m cable as standard, additional 12m USB extensions available
  • Weight: 678g (incl. 12m cable)

In the Box:

  • High Power Wifi Bat Antenna, 
  • 12m USB cable, 
  • Software Installation CD, 
  • Quick Start Guide.

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