AD510-1/4 Passive Antenna

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AD510-1/4 Passive Antenna

This antenna provides superior performance with all the Iridium series satellite phones for external mounting in harsh or marine environments. The radomes are 4 mm GRP/polyester mix whilst the base is milled from hard anodised aluminium,giving an attractive green finish, which is mechanically resilient and resistant to corrosion. The unit is designed for free air mounting and no ground plane is required.

The bracket (AD510-2) provided with each antenna can be attached to vertical or horizontal spars, up to 60mm in diameter, using the U bolts provided. Connection to the Iridium handset is made with an appropriate coaxial cable via a TNC/N type on the underside of the antenna.

Mounting bracket is made from heavy duty alloy, vertical or horizontal pole mount up to 60 mm, supplied with stainless U bolts and nuts.

Which Connection Is Suitable?

If you are using this for an Iridium 9555 or 9575 Extreme then select TNC.
If you are using this for an Iridium Go then select TNC with Antenna Adaptor cable (£203.99 + VAT
If you are using this for a SC4000 then select N-Type.
For all other products, please call our sales team.

Passive Antenna Specifications:

Diameter 87 mm (maximum)
Height 100mm (inc connector)
Weight 1kg (inc bracket)
Operating Temperature -40 TO+85 degrees C
Connector TNC female
VSWR <2: 1
Impedance 50 ohms
Frequency 1610 - 1630 Mhz
Polarisation right hand circular

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Connection : TNC Terminated with adaptor for Iridium Go!
Works as expected.
Henning L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Connection : TNC Terminated
Seriously good value and great service.
David M.