AC Travel Charger

(Code: ACTC1601IR9505A)
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AC Travel Charger
  • AC Travel Charger
  • AC Travel Charger

How it Works

Connect the power adapter with prongs to a wall outlet, and connect the other end to your 9505A, 9555 or 9575 satellite phone. Phone will provide a visual indicator when charging.

Technical Specifications

  • May be used with Iridium 9505A, Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9575 Extreme satellite phone.
  • Enables use of satellite phone while recharging battery.
  • Battery charge time to 90% capacity is 3 hours when charged at 25C (77F).
  • For optimum performance, only charge your battery between 0C (32F) and 40C (104F).
  • Fast charge will be complete in about 3 hours 15 minutes.
  • Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 6 VDC, 850 mA
  • Operating temperature range: 0-40C
  • Charge time: 3 hours 15 minutes

This replace the old version ACTC0901 and has a different fitting for the international plugs, so if you have the old plugs you will need to purchase the International Plug Kit  IPK1801 (not included) to use with this item - see below. 
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