Iridium Go! Accessories

Iridium GO!™ Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
The Iridium GO! rechargeable li-ion battery is designed to provide customers with up to 5.5 hours of talk/data use and up to 15.5 hours of standby time.
Iridium GO!™ Carry Bag
The Iridium GO! carry bag has a durable, rigid nylon exterior with soft, felt-lined interior and zippered opening.
Iridium GO!™ Wall-Mount Bracket Kit
The Iridium GO! wall-mount bracket provides the ability to install the Iridium GO! in a vehicle or building with easy removal
Iridium GO!™ Antenna Adapter Cable
The Iridium GO! antenna adapter cable connects to an Iridium antenna (sold separately) and the Iridium GO! device.
Iridium GO!™ AC Charger with International Adapters
The Iridium GO! AC charger with international adapters is designed to charge the Iridium GO! device, using AC power source.

Iridium GO!™ Auto Charger - USB Output
The Iridium GO! auto charger is designed to charge the Iridium GO! device using a DC power source. 
Iridium GO!™ Outdoor USB Charging Cable - 5 meters
The Iridium GO! outdoor USB charging cable provides power to the Iridium GO! for temporary outdoor or permanent indoor installations.
Iridium GO!™ 1.2m USB Cable
The Iridium GO! 1.2m USB cable connects to the Iridium GO! AC charger or auto charger for charging Iridium GO! with the microUSB connection.
Iridium GO!™ Protective Cover
The Iridium GO! protective cover snaps on top of the Iridium GO! device to protect the display and reduce the temperature in direct sunlight.