Why Choose an Iridium Satellite Phone

How Iridium Works
Iridium is the only global satellite voice and data solution with complete coverage of the earth, including its oceans, airways and polar regions.

No other satellite communication company’s coverage compares – in some remote parts of the world, no other satellite coverage even exists.

With 66 low earth orbiting, cross linked satellites and multiple spares, you can rest assured that when you need to make that call, you’ll be able to.  The grid of Iridium satellites operates as a complete network and is the largest commercial grouping of satellites in the world.

People and companies that rely on Iridium satellite phones include:

Sailors (both pleasure and commercial)
Emergency and humanitarian services
Transportation and utilities
Oil and gas, 
Heavy equipment, 
Companies that need redundancy in their communications equipment,
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

During 2015, Iridium will get even better with the launch of a second generation global satellite constellation to meet the needs of future customers, as technology develops more powerful devices.  ‘Iridium Next’ will deliver enhanced band width and data speeds with enhanced voice quality.

G Comm are an authorised reseller of Iridium products in the UK and the US and have the security of a worldwide network of companies under their parent company, the major multi-national Gardline Group.