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Sending Iridium Satellite Phones Text Messages

This is a great little tip for Iridium Satellite Phone users to pass on to their friends, families and contacts. You can send a text message to any Iridium Satellite phone FREE of charge.

Here's how to do it:

Incoming text messages for Iridium satellite phone users are free, and can be retrieved when you connect to the satellite. To send a message, go to This is a great way of doing it because the web site will keep a count of the number of characters you use. Alternatively you can send an email by entering the Iridium phone number into the following generic email address, 8816[number] You may send a maximum of 160 characters, including the header information. Anything after the 160 characters limit will not be sent.

Keep in mind that your handset must be on to receive the message, and the Iridium system only stores these messages for eight(8) days.

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