Iridium Go!

Iridium Go Presentation

Iridium Go Presentation We were invited to the Cruise Association Blue Water seminar to discuss the Iridium Go device. 

If you would like a PDF copy of the talk you can download it here - All you need to know about the Iridium Go

Please note - the information provided in this presentation was accurate on the 20th August 2016. Changes to the device and pricing may have occurred since then. Please contact us for updated details 

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Iridium Go and Gmail Users

Iridium Go and Gmail Users

Great news for Iridium Go and GMail users - A new App for the Go called OneMail quickly compresses the emails from usersí Gmail accounts and downloads them onto their smartphone or tablet. OneMail is available in the iOS App Store and Google Playô marketplace.

As a special promotion, G-Comm customers will be able to use it for two months free of charge when they enter code IRONEPROMO upon registration here -

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Using Iridium Satellite Comms in Russia

Iridium service in Russia could be disrupted unless you register your Iridium device with Iridiumís Russian affiliate, Iridium OOO.

Registration is possible going to, a website owned and operated by Iridium OOO.

If you have any questions or concerns about registration, please contact G-Comm or Iridium OOO or visit*

*G-Comm and Iridium Communications Inc. provides a link to the Iridium OOO registration website as a courtesy to our valued subscribers. G-Comm & Iridium Communications Inc. does not provide and is not responsible for the registration process or the registration website.
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Iridium Go! Firmware Update

Iridium Go! Firmware Update Iridium have released a new Firmware update for the Iridium Go - the main purpose of which is to provide:
  • Support for SIM-less emergency calling (000) in Australia
  • Support for web browsing on Iridium Mail & Web app for iOS platform
  • Improvements to audio quality during voice calls
  • Battery revision number added to device screen
  • Improved data network connection reliability
You can download the Iridium Go Firmware update 1.4.1 installation instructions by clicking here. You can download the firmware itself direct from Iridium by clicking here

You should also be aware that updated versions of the Iridium Apps have also been released - ensure you are running the latest version on your smart device.

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Facebook and Iridium Go!

Facebook and Iridium Go!
Iridium Mail & Web users will no longer be able to send photos and/or messages to their Facebook news feed from within the Iridium Mail & Web app. It has been brought to our notice that Facebook has, without any prior notice, removed support for post-by-email functionality that is used by Iridium Mail & Web app.

Iridium is currently investigating alternatives and will keep users apprised of any developments.

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Reasons to Love the Iridium Go Part 5

Reasons to love the Iridium Go!

Itís best in class for connecting your smartphone to satellite communication properties Ė take a look at this comparison chart if you are wondering which wifi hotspot generator you should go for. You can download the full size PDF version by clicking here. Here we compare the Iridium Go with the Thuraya SatSleeve, the Globalstar Sat-Fi and the Addvalue Wideye iSavi

Iridium Go Comparison Sheet

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