Weather and Email

Teleport-It Compression Software

Getting the most out of your Iridium satellite phone meansbeing able to access and download information from the internet, however withdownload speeds limited to only 2.4kbp/s this can be a frustrating exercise.Thatís where Teleport-It compression software comes in.

Teleport-It allows you to:

  • Email up to 10 times faster, with Teleport-itísspam and virus filtering facilities, along with itís ability to block largeattachments, youíll be able to access your emails quickly saving time connectedto the satellite system
  • Travel blogs can be updated quickly andefficiently allowing you to add photos & GPS position details quickly andeasily
  • Global weather forecasts can be quickly accessedvia your email Ė formats includeGRIB and Synoptic Charts
  • Up to 5 times faster webbrowsing over low bandwidth connections is enabled by the compression of imagesand HTML pages enabling quicker display
  • A simple to use firewall isprovided to lock down access and restrict data download and therefore yourcosts
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