Post Pay Airtime Credit for Iridium Satellite Phones

How does Post Paid Airtime Credit work on a Satellite Phone?
Purchase your phone and you can choose to pay for your calls monthly in arrears. Options include 0 included minutes up to 150 included minutes per month. You are now not limited to taking a twelve month contract - you can now take a post-paid contact on a month to month basis if you want.

We find customers who are only going to use their satellite phone for a longer period of time (6 months upwards) and people who find themselves moving around different parts of the world regularly tend to find this option the best value for money.

Please note there is a monthly fee for this service as well as the charge per usage as follows.

Contract Information

A simple 3 month post paid account paid monthly by Credit Card subject to status. Please click here to download the post-pay contract.

Tariff Plan  Monthly Rate  Calls overage / min SMS outbound / each Plan Term  Activation Fee 
Basic Monthly 0 mins inc $43.95  $1.25  $.42  3 months  $50.00 
Bundled 10 mins inc $49.95  $1.25  $.42  3 months  $50.00 Waived
Bundled 60 mins inc $76.95  $1.25  $.42  3 months  $50.00 Waived
Bundled 80 mins inc $93.95  $1.25  $.42  3 months  $50.00 Waived
Bundled 150 mins inc $139.95  $1.25  $.42  3 months  $50.00 Waived
Month to Month 0 mins $56.95**  $1.25  $.42    $50.00 

Other call charges:

Iridium to Iridium Calls $0.65 per minute
Iridium to other satellite systems $10.00 per minute
Incoming 1+ Access Calls $1.49 per minute

*This account will renew automatically after the 3 months are up, unless changed by the user.
**Reactivation on this plan would require a new SIM card with a new phone number. Activation Fee would apply